12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Installation Circles, Hall 1, A14

Raw-Edges Design Studio : „Sense Of Surface“

Surfaces have more than one dimension in the Raw-Edges installation. Even the exterior of the installation, consisting of digitally printed curtains, hints at the concept of a multi-layered structure. The curtain invites you to enter, and inside, visitors find a space isolated from the trade fair context and a moment of concentration, of visual calm. Like the nuclei of a cell, objects of different organic shapes float here, their surfaces sometimes transparent, sometimes shimmering opaque: luminous objects, designed by Studio Raw-Edges for this installation and formed from a 3D-printed mesh. The special feature: The mesh does not become transparent when it is illuminated, but "closes" with the light, becoming an opaque form; it only regains its transparency when the light goes out.

© Raw-Edges Design Studio

In the installation, Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay explore the theme of surfaces and turn them into volumes: three-dimensional illuminated objects that, contrary to the way we are used to seeing them, are only given a (semi-)closed surface through the flow of light. The mesh is printed in the London studio of Raw-Edges as a flat structure and only formed on site in order to save printing material and facilitate transportation. The luminaires are characterized both by their shape and by the structures of the mesh, which is sometimes inspired by nature, sometimes by handicrafts or digitally generated patterns.

Raw-Edges Design Studio

All photos: © Raw-Edges Design Studio