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Sleep themed area

The bedroom: trends, furniture and colours for 2021

The bedroom trends for 2021 are completely focused on making the most personal of our places of retreat an even more pleasant space to live in. Precisely because we spend so much time there – and healthy sleep is set to play an even more important role in the future – sustainability, a healthy living environment and technological innovations are the most important drivers in this interiors segment.

Bed Times from TEAM7

A fusion of sustainability and design: Untreated natural wood has the scent of the forest, is free of contaminants, has a positive effect on our well-being and measurably improves the indoor climate. Photo: TEAM 7

The major bedroom furniture trends for 2021

Eight hours’ sleep a day or almost one-third of our lives: We spend a good deal of time in bed and should therefore place great importance on our bedroom furniture. The bedroom will increasingly be used as a place to express personal lifestyle and relax, from breakfast in bed to a leisurely hour’s reading in the evening. This is having an impact on the requirements for bedroom furniture design.

Bed from Baxter Gallery

Earthy red paired with a rich dark blue. Baxter Gallery was already brilliantly on-trend at imm cologne 2020.

Colours for sleep

Harmonious colour schemes dominate in the bedroom as a place of retreat. The palette, however, is wider than it used to be: Alongside earthy greens and reds, 2021 will see the arrival of slightly bolder colours, such as warm oranges or yellows. Blue is still a classic in all its shades, from night blue to grey blue and cooler petrol hues.

Functional bedroom furniture

Smaller spaces and urban lifestyles are influencing our bedrooms. This can be seen firstly in familiar analogue options such as the increasingly sophisticated storage solutions in the headboard or under the bed. Alongside these possibilities, the digital bedroom is a clear future trend: Sunrise alarm clocks for human-centric lighting , mattresses with temperature control and sensors for tracking and regulating sleeping and snoring stages are poised to become more and more important over the next few years.

The NXTstebedroom furniture by Möbel Rudolf

The NXTstebedroom furniture by Möbel Rudolf offers a selection of options for the decors, contrast edge bandings, accents, handles, legs and upholstery materials, allowing the items to be customised to personal taste.

The power of nature

Healthy sleep begins in no small part with the interior design of the bedroom. Natural, contamination-free textiles form an alliance grounded in sustainability with a striking wooden bed and a matching chest of drawers. The bedroom furniture industry now offers a wide range of solid-wood beds and furniture with water-based paint. Dutch mattress manufacturer Auping is already working on the first circular – meaning resource-neutral – mattress in the world. And the urban jungle mega-trend is taking root in the bedroom, too: The right plants (Link: https://www.mein-schoener-garten.de/lifestyle/gesund-leben/pflanzen-im-schlafzimmer-gesund-oder-schaedlich-32261) improve the indoor climate and can have a positive effect on sleep.

A change of wallpaper for a change of scene

The wall behind the bed lends itself perfectly to wallpaper with exciting motifs and striking patterns. They create a snug, cosy feel and visual depth. Since they are not visible while in bed, they will not trouble the mind while drifting off to sleep. Natural scenes, modern graphic prints or a large-scale motif with three-dimensional illusions are the perfect finishing touches to a stylish bedroom.

Taking inspiration from Zen and Japandi

Those who have had enough of the purist Scandinavian style but still prefer pared-back forms and clean lines will love Japandi. This fusion of elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design exudes a calming effect, which is an excellent idea for the bedroom. It also incorporates elements of Zen philosophy: Minimalist decoration, a focus on a small number of high-quality items of bedroom furniture and muted colours create a simple and harmonious oasis of calm.

Contemporary bedroom furniture and beds for a relaxing night’s sleep

latest state of the art in its innovations at imm cologne 2021. The excitement about divan beds continues unabated. Sleeping systems and technological innovations such as light alarm clocks and the next generation of wireless earbuds will improve our sleep.

Health awareness has increased even further during the coronavirus pandemic. One of the best home remedies is and will continue to be healthy sleep. A team of researchers from the Universities of Tübingen and Lübeck demonstrated last year that being deprived of just three hours’ sleep impairs the performance of the T cells, which are so important for our immune system. The bed is in fact a wellness oasis that is relevant to our health. Designers and manufacturers are adapting to meet these needs.

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