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Smartes Home Workout

The new generation of home fitness equipment

The stay-at-home orders during the coronavirus pandemic have prompted what could well be the biggest revival in home workouts since the colourful aerobics videos of the 1980s. Exercising at home was more popular than ever before during lockdown.

Home Workout with the VAHA mirror

Model in the living room doing a home workout with the VAHA mirror (Source: VAHA)

Working out at home: the new way to exercise

With participation in many types of sport and exercise being put on hold due to COVID-19, many people have been asking themselves: How can I stay fit when I’m spending all day working from home? The most popular answer was YouTube. The video platform offers countless videos for home exercise workouts. Short videos on Instagram are also a source of fitness inspiration, or fitspo. The possibilities for home workouts are almost endless. But lately we have seen the rise of another trend: smart home gym equipment.

Smart, stylish, sporty: home gym equipment

A run in the park, yoga in the living room or strength training in your home gym – with gyms closed for long periods over the last year, anyone who wanted to stay fit had to find alternatives. Alongside YouTube videos and online fitness classes, the main trend was for smart, space-saving home fitness equipment. Since there is often significantly less space in private homes than there is at the gym, most people no longer want traditional weight benches or bulky treadmills. In an age in which the different areas of the home are increasingly merging , fitness equipment that integrates discreetly into the home’s interior is more popular than ever.

Peloton: the luxury spin bike

Peloton: the luxury spin bike

Spinning is an import that is taking the German market by storm. Previously, the trend of pedalling to loud dance music was a big hit in the USA. Since the coronavirus pandemic, these luxury bikes have been increasingly making their way into German homes as well. In addition to its bike, Peloton offers a Netflix-style service, which enables users to choose from countless live or on-demand classes via a screen mounted on the handlebars. Alongside spinning, scenic bike rides and traditional stretching workouts, the service also offers yoga and meditation classes. Around 48 new classes are added each day, so sporty subscribers will never run out of options. Peloton is more than just a piece of home gym equipment. In a similar way to social media networks, members can follow one another, arrange to meet for training sessions and give each other virtual high fives. With this combination of functionality and lifestyle appeal, the luxury spin bike is perfectly in step with the zeitgeist.

VAHA: personal trainer and designer furniture rolled into one

VAHA: personal trainer and designer furniture rolled into one

Now that Peloton’s high-tech home trainer has successfully entered our living rooms, another innovation for fitness fans is gaining ground: the VAHA smart fitness mirror. At the tap of a button, users can choose between cardio and strength training sessions or yoga and dance classes. Before the home workout commences, VAHA gauges the user’s training experience, health and life circumstances. This information is used to create a personalised training plan perfectly tailored to their level of fitness. Users can even receive nutritional advice and personalised meal plans. The special feature of the VAHA mirror is the integrated camera. This means that, in addition to projecting the correct sequence of moves into the room, it uses artificial intelligence to automatically track the user’s movements and suggest improvements. It is even possible to book workouts with a personal trainer – at the tap of a button. A live session is then set up with the trainer, who customises each exercise and gives feedback on the user’s performance. The smart mirror is 1.7 metres high. In standby mode, it is a stylish designer piece in any location within the home, perfectly blending functionality and a modern aesthetic.

Combining home living and exercise: home fitness equipment

Alongside the luxury options offered by the likes of Peloton and VAHA, the furniture industry also offers numerous other intelligent and modern home workout solutions: fitness equipment that combines home living and exercise.

Parklet from wood in Lodz, Poland

For work that requires long periods of sitting, back pain often comes with the territory. The HOCK Design gym ball counteracts this problem. Its shape provides an ergonomic sitting position while gently exercising the back. With its vibrant red colour and high-quality fabric covering, it is also a stylish design object. (Photo: HOCK Design) Find out more about the gym ball by HOCK Design.

Guerilla Kitchen by Erik Mantz-Hansen

Thanks to B.Green, you can get exercise without moving your body. The sustainably produced jumping platform stimulates muscles just as much as skipping with a skipping rope. Its compact size means it can be placed anywhere in the home – even under the desk while working. The perfect way to combine a home office with a home workout! (Photo: B.Green Technology) Find out more about the jumping platform by B.Green Technology.

Guerilla Kitchen by Erik Mantz-Hansen

The Wahu balance board can be used anywhere – from in front of the TV in the living room to at the desk in the office. The combination of board and cork roller improves the user’s balance, coordination and motor skills, as well as strengthening numerous muscle groups. After the workout session, it can be stored almost anywhere, and it takes up very little room. (Photo: Wahu Board)

Guerilla Kitchen by Erik Mantz-Hansen

Training while relaxing: The B.Green sport bed subjects the entire body to barely perceptible levels of vibration. This works out the muscles nearly as much as a session with a skipping rope would – without the user actively doing anything. And if pure relaxation is what is desired, the integrated motor can simply be switched off, turning the sport bed into a stylish chaise longue in high-quality leather. (Photo: B.Green Technology) Find out more about the sport bed by B.Green Technology.

Tomorrow’s home workout

With streaming apps, heating systems that can be controlled from a smartphone and voice assistants that respond to our spoken commands, our day-to-day lives and our homes are becoming increasingly smart and interconnected . This is true when it comes to exercise, too. Intelligent gadgets combine home living and fitness, thereby meeting the needs of a new generation of customers that are calling for modular solutions. Fitness needs to be effortlessly integrated into daily life – and into home interior design. Exercise is no longer just about health; it is a lifestyle – and home fitness equipment has become a part of modern home decor. This trend has a future – a future with high growth potential for smart, multifunctional exercise equipment.

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