12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Lifestyle and home living in cities with limited space

LIBERATE TO ADAPT, A VISION FOR 2050 by Gauthier Demumieux and Felix Heger-Fournier

2050, a modular furniture system as a spatial solution facing up social changes.

In 2050, our world is at a crossroads, facing unprecedented challenges arising from the convergence of the climate crisis, migration and automation in the service sector. As urban landscapes transform, it becomes crucial to rethink office spaces into habitable environments for displaced populations. In these new living 'shells', a unified modular furniture system takes place. A single system used for everyone, economical and infinitely reusable.

Gauthier Demumieux and Felix Heger-Fournier

Designer: Gauthier Demumieux und Felix Heger-Fournier, France/Germany


Instagram @heger_et_demumieux