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imm cologne trend.briefing: TV format to shine a light on sleep

The way we live is important to us. An ever-increasing number of people are thinking about how they can make their lives and their homes more sustainable and considering where they should live, who they should live with, what the way their homes are furnished says about them and how their homes need to look for them to feel comfortable. The Interior Business Event imm cologne not only demonstrates the inventiveness of furniture makers – it is also a reflection of current interiors trends.

That’s why imm cologne is highlighting the latest trends affecting different areas of the home in its TV-format trend.briefings, broadcast at intervals throughout the year. The next trend.briefing will focus on sleep.

Join us online for the premiere of the second TV-format edition from now onwards at https://www.imm-cologne.com/magazine/trend-briefing

The subject of sleep has been a firm fixture at imm cologne for many years, not only as a stand-alone themed area but also within the portfolios of many exhibitors across all the other halls. In recent times, the bedroom has evolved into a full-blown living space for a growing number of people and is increasingly being styled along holistic lines. imm cologne will introduce important new products, experts and opinions to highlight the three important trends the team has identified in the sleep segment whose relevance will extend far beyond the current interiors year. The three developments in the bedroom have been labelled as Sleep in Style, Sleep Sustainably and Sleep Better – three trends with an enormous impact on a growing market.

To coincide with the trend.briefing broadcast, a content folder containing the trend news will be available in “the magazine by imm cologne” and in the news section of the imm cologne website.


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