18.–24.01.2021 for all: 22.–24.01.2021 #immcologne

Order for exhibitor passes and work passes assembly / disassembly

NEW: For the first time your work and exhibitor passes will bear your company’s name. For this we use the name of the exhibiting company. A variation of the name is not possible.

Due to technical reasons, passes can be ordered no more than three times. We therefore ask you to order passes in batches instead of singly. Thank you for your understanding!

Please note: If the invoice is to be issued to a Different invoice recipient, it must be filled in under "Different billing address". If the passes should be posted to a Different delivery address, please fill it in under “Different delivery address”.
Purchase order number

Should your accounting department require a purchase order number on the invoice for payment processing, please indicate it here.

Exhibitor passes

Price: EUR 95x.00 (incl. VAT)

EUR 145.00 incl. VAT from the first day of the trade fair (only available on site)

Please fill in "0" if you do not require exhibitor passes.

Stand construction passes

EUR 30.00 incl. VAT

Please fill in "0" if you do not need any stand construction passes.

Different address for invoicing

Different delivery address