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Furniture as order keepers


imm cologne 2020 - furniture as order keepers

Photo: Voglauer

Having a good clear out works wonders and frees us both from material and emotional attachments. Clear-out experts like the Japanese Marie Kondo for example have developed sophisticated methods that aim to ease having a clean out and tidying up. But even once we have managed to do away with unnecessary items, we probably still have plenty of things that we have to store away somewhere. A wide range of totally different types of furniture can support us here.

Open or closed? Why not both?

imm cologne 2020 - furniture as order keepers

With features such as back panels and shelves, doors and flaps, drawers and handles, you can make Studimo from Interlübke your very own shelving system. Photo: interlübke

Shelves, chests of drawers, sideboards, highboards or lowboards - also in times of the increasing digitalisation and the resulting ascetic minimalism we are still surrounded by diverse pieces of storage furniture in our apartments. Because even after a marathon clear-out, in most cases we still have plenty of items we need to stow away – or which we want to openly display. As Marie Kondo suggests in her Konmarie clear-out method, we should not only make sure our odds and ends are as invisible as possible, we can also put our favourite items on show. For this purpose, pieces of furniture that combine open and closed surfaces with each other are ideal. Because we can use these to stow away things we don't want to present and at the same time draw attention to special items. Furthermore, such combinations contribute towards a casual interior design. Because closed fronts alone can sometimes have a slightly oppressive effect, whereas a totally open design can quickly emanate visual chaos.

Table plus storage room

imm cologne 2020 - furniture as order keepers

The soft-touch closing mechanism of the Lift coffe table from Team 7 easily opens the practical and handle-free drawer, which includes internal partitioning, creating a useful storage space. Photo: Team 7

However the not immediately obvious storage spaces, which hold our everyday utensils readily at hand, are especially interesting. Indeed many tables have an integrated second level underneath the actual table top, where newspapers, candles, remote controls, etc. can be accommodated. However, the danger here is that we overload such surfaces, so that at some point of time visual chaos prevails underneath the table top too. Tables that allow items we need to have at hand disappear in their interior offer a more elegant storage option. If for instance the table top can be easily pulled apart or folded open to reveal spacious storage space underneath - ideally also with an integrated concealed cable duct.

Storage space as an add-on

imm cologne 2020 - furniture as order keepers

The sofa Living Landscape 755 from Walter Knoll was supplemented with the new tray and the side table to satisfy the desire for a modern lifestyle. Photo: Walter Knoll

We all know the situation: We have got cosy on the sofa for a relaxing evening and want to read a book or watch a nice film while enjoying a glass of wine. But, unfortunately, neither the remote control nor the book are lying where we are seated. Or we have to carefully balance our glass on the arm of the sofa and make sure we don't knock it over by mistake and inadvertedly spill the delicious red wine all over the couch. And this all because the coffee table is too far away to reach comfortably. Couch systems that combine a cosy lounging with storage options are the answer here. Whether directly next to the sofa or integrated into the seating surface is left up to one's own preference. Some sofas even offer a storage option with a tray as an additional add-on, so that the culinary delights from the kitchen can be carried into the living room in style.

Simply lock away the work

imm cologne 2020 - furniture as order keepers

A classic by Konstantin Grcic: The reserved, almost demure lines of Orcus from Classicon convey a nearly contemplative peacefulness. Photo: Classicon

In our ever-increasingly mobile society, the borders between work and recreation are becoming blurred. As a result of more flexible working hours, we more frequently work while travelling or at home. But especially here it is important that the home remains orderly. We don't want to be reminded of work while relaxing in the evening. However, our work zones are often untidy and after working at home, we sometimes really don't feel like tidying up. But modern secretary desks can be simply folded closed after the work has been completed. This means our work can be locked away and we can dedicate ourselves totally to our leisure time.

The bedroom as a display window and storage space

imm cologne 2020 - furniture as order keepers

Gliss Master Island from Molteni&C is a central island unit, a free-standing element that completes the wardrobe area. Photo: Molteni&C

We always like to keep the bedroom nice and tidy. Because untidiness can prevent restful sleep. Bedroom furniture truly offers sufficient storage options. The ceiling height and mirrored wardrobes not only make the room look bigger, but also offer plenty of space. Furthermore, bed clothes and co. can be neatly stored away in the drawers of the bed. However, the bedroom has long since not only served as a place for sleeping, where we keep our bed utensils and clothes. In the course of an holistic living space design, the bedroom has also become a cosy place to spend time, where the lady retreats, sometimes even with her friends. Thanks to a well-thought out, tidy living concept, everything that is to remain invisible, is kept out of view in a neat and orderly manner. We might still, however, want to stylishly present our favourite pieces of clothing. Illuminated drawers or chests of drawers with a glass display enable us to put everything on show that we want people to see – also in the bedroom.