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Welcome to the world of sleep

For some, it’s the best thing in the world, for others it’s a business matter: sleep. We spend more time in the bedroom than in any other room in the home – time that our bodies use for revitalisation and regeneration. And it’s for this reason that the Interior Business Event imm cologne has devoted a whole themed area to the topic of sleep in Halls 5.2 and 9: Home Sleep.

A glance at the anticipated figures for 2019 on the statistics portal Statista shows that the sleep market is rather lucrative, with a turnover of Euro 2.25 billion expected in Germany’s mattress segment this year, for example. This equates to per capita revenues of Euro 26.92. The forecast figure for beds is Euro 3.28 billion (corresponding to per capita revenues of Euro 39.25). Yet, a comparison with the figures for the USA shows that there is still plenty of scope for further growth: here, the predictions are for a turnover of Euro 12.69 billion (Euro 38.58 per capita) in mattresses and Euro 22.34 billion (67.89) in beds. By contrast, the Dutch and Italians were far more frugal, with spending on mattresses in the Netherlands at Euro 0.41 billion (Euro 8.23 per capita) and on beds in Italy at Euro 0.44 billion (7.28). And who values their night-time comfort the most? The Swiss. According to the forecast, with per capita outlay of Euro 75.43 (total sales of Euro 0.65 billion) on mattresses and Euro 126.11 (1.09 billion) on beds, not only are they the top spenders in both segments, but they’re probably the most comfortable too.

Everything for a good night’s sleep: in more than one themed area at imm cologne

The importance of healthy sleep becomes most apparent when we don’t get enough. We’re irritable, our reactions are slower, our ability to think and concentrate deteriorates. Countless studies have explored the effects of sleep; we’ve discovered how much sleep people need and when they should go to bed. And just as many pieces of research offer tips for bedroom design, how to rest well and what to do (and above all, what not to do) before going to sleep.

The subject of sleep is so extensive that one themed area alone cannot do it justice. And that’s why examples of suitable bedroom furnishings can be found throughout imm cologne’s Pure and Home interior worlds – from wardrobes to chests of drawers, bedside tables and storage systems through to lighting. The beds found here range from models built from solid wood to those with steel frames and further to luxurious box-spring beds in numerous designs.

The world of sleep at imm cologne: Home Sleep – a complete universe

In Halls 5.2 and 9, visitors will find the Interior Business Event’s sleep centre. In addition to beds themselves, the Home Sleep themed area is devoted to mattresses, sleep systems, slatted frames, pillows, bedcovers and other accessories. Faced with such a large array of options, it’s not always easy to find the right mattress to suit you. Even foam and spring core mattresses can be subdivided into cold foam, latex and viscose foam, or Bonnell, pocket and barrel pocket spring core mattresses. But even that’s not the full story. There are now various types of hybrid mattresses that combine several elements. In 2018, German customers preferred foam mattresses (65%), followed by spring core (30%), latex (4%) and other mattresses (1%). These figures say it all – just as people are different, so too are their sleep habits and preferences. So, there cannot be one mattress to suit everyone. And that’s why, for seven days in January, imm cologne becomes the world’s largest sleep lab with mattresses of all kinds subjected to extensive testing. “In Cologne we have a saying: ‘Jeder Jeck ist anders’, or ‘everyone’s different’. It can also be applied to sleep,” sums up Martin Auerbach, Managing Director of the German mattress industry association (Fachverband Matratzenindustrie e.V.), “because it’s just as varied and individual as people themselves. And it’s precisely this vast variability that’s also reflected in the Sleep segment.”

For the wide-awake: exciting sleep-focused programme in the Sleep Lounge

Even though we need some peace and quiet to sleep, the Sleep themed area is all about getting down to business. An exciting programme will shine a light on every imaginable aspect of sleep. At the Pillow Talk event, which takes place daily at 12.00 noon, discussions revolve around healthy sleep. Why we sleep, how we’re affected by sleep disorders and what we could learn from other animals are just a few of the informative topics addressed here. In the Sleep Lounge activity spaces, visitors will be able to find out about sleep behaviour in the animal kingdom or take a space selfie with an astronaut under a canopy of stars. There will also be a kind of “sleep wiki”, with the chance to discover everything you ever wanted to know about sleep. “Our aim is to surprise the specialised trade with our Sleep Lounge and Pillow Talks and provide inspiration for how the subject of sleep can be presented attractively and a little differently,” says Martin Auerbach, keenly anticipating the upcoming imm cologne. “We’ll take our visitors to new worlds where they’ll be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair – whether just for a quick coffee or for a conversation in a pleasant atmosphere.”

For sleep professionals: new prize for supporters of good sleep

On Tuesday, 14 January 2020, at 5:00 p.m., the Sleep Lounge will host the awards presentation by the German Sleep Foundation, Deutsche Stiftung Schlaf. The awards recognise campaigners for healthy sleep and employers who support better sleep health in the workplace as well as outstanding scientific findings and/or technological innovations that promote sleep. The prize is an acknowledgement and a thank you from the foundation on behalf of everyone with an interest in sleep and sufferers of sleep disorders. Its purpose is to act as an incentive for new sleep advocates as well as for employers, engineers, developers and scientists who are working to support and advance sleep health. “Good sleep comfort is essential to healthy sleep. And we still sleep on mattresses or surfaces that are supposed to provide the basis for all good sleep, alongside other conditions such as peace and quiet, darkness and suitable temperatures,” explains Professor Ingo Fietze, Chair of the German Sleep Foundation and Head of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine Centre at the Charité hospital in Berlin. “That’s why we were keen to collaborate with the mattress industry association, which – along with support from imm cologne – has helped us to establish a platform and a suitable setting for the foundation’s first awards presentation,” says the sleep medicine specialist.

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