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Weltevree | Exhibitor on the imm cologne 2019


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Oliemolenhof 110
+31 332037037
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List of Products

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Frame House by Floris Schoonderbeek

Once designed for an event to offer a place away from the crowds, the Frame House creates both a shielding and inviting space within a bigger area. It is applicable indoors or outdoors and is eminently suitable for expositions and interior design projects.  The Frame House can serve multiple purposes and is adaptable to the preferences of the user.

The outline for any personalized space

Built up from plain wooden beams and smart connections out of steel, the Frame House simply sets the outline. Users are challenged to furnish the space and give it a location and a purpose. Once filled with people, furniture, plants or activities the Frame House truly comes to life. Thanks to its minimalist appearance, there are many ways to adjust the Frame House to personal preferences both in placement, furnishing and purpose.

Adjust the looks and construction
The construction of the Frame House consists of an open pavilion and a platform which can either be placed as a floor or as a terrace. Whether the Frame House offers a view at the sky or offers protection from the elements is up to the user. The roof can be covered up with fabric, steel or polymer plates or even plants. The horizontal beams of the wall can be placed on the preferred side of the Frame House to create room for storage, a vertical garden or to add more privacy.


Design by Floris Schoonderbeek
The Frame House is designed by Floris Schoonderbeek, founder and art director of Weltevree. Floris initially designed the construction with the purpose of a hideaway at a busy exhibition. “The soft curves of the connections, the wooden material and the house-like shape are friendly and inviting. At the same time it makes the construction easy to assemble and adjust it to your needs.” In Floris’ opinion, what the Frame House offers most of all is a feeling of flexibility. “It offers the possibility to create your own space wherever you want. You can decorate and utilize it in whatever way you like.”

Carrier by Thor ter Kulve

The Carrier is an interactive product that transcends the idea of storage. This sturdy carrying device is both decorative and functional and can be used in- and outdoors. The lightweight but durable construction invites the user to carry it, take a seat or twist it open. The wire frame can contain all sorts of things ranging from toys to freshly picked apples. Filled with belongings or necessities like picnic supplies or firewood, the Carrier is easily brought along thanks to its integrated handle. 

Ecopixel: plastic waste put to use
Truly unique to this product is its lid which is made from synthetic Ecopixel material. This ingenious circular material is made of almost 100% recycled shredded plastic. The plastic waste that is used for Ecopixel is very suitable for recycling. It is processed at lower temperatures than most types of plastic, making it a sustainable choice. Although it is very durable, this plastic material can easily be remelted and recycled after many years of use.

A seat and storage in one
The lid that closes off the Carrier also serves as a comfortable seat. It is safely clamped into the wire frame and can hold the weight of an adult. Once it is pulled out of the frame, any contents can be removed from the Carrier. The lid is hollow and can be twisted open as well. Inside, there is space to safely store small belongings and to keep them dry in case of rainy circumstances. 

Design by Thor ter Kulve

The Carrier is a design by Thor ter Kulve. This Dutch designer currently resides in London, England, where he pursues a more self-sufficient and independent lifestyle. His somewhat nomadic life on a boat – with a wood-burning stove as his main source of heat – inspired him to create the Carrier. Thor: “This product makes transporting firewood or other belongings from place to place much easier. At the same time, it is a functional seat that provides extra storage underneath it. It is a space-saving piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes.”