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Sleep Lounge

Sleep Lounge imm cologne

Sleep Lounge – closing the loop in the mattress industry

What exactly is a circular or closed-loop economy? What’s the difference between downcycling and recycling? When is a loop truly closed? And most importantly, what does all this mean for the mattress industry, the retail trade and ultimately for each of us as individuals?

We humans are consuming the resources available to us on Earth in a year at an ever-increasing rate. Since 1970, Earth Overshoot Day has been moving earlier and earlier in the year. Calculated as falling on 22 August 2020, this year’s Earth Overshoot Day has been set back by almost a month for the first time – largely because the global pandemic has forced us to give up our travel and holiday plans. Nevertheless, this does show that there are effective ways in which we can exert a positive influence. And action to adjust our economic systems and consumption patterns is long overdue. Personal sacrifice can be a good place to start, because we don’t need everything we have today.

On the other hand, we need to find – and follow – a way forward that conserves the Earth’s resources and minimises the harm we do to the environment. The circular economy in the sense of a closed-loop cycle can make an important contribution. Sleep Lounge 2021 aims to highlight potential solutions for achieving this result, draw attention to the role that all participants along the product value chain can play and encourage an exchange of ideas on this critical issue that genuinely affects everyone.

Pillow Talks – the discussion format that covers everything about getting a good night’s sleep

Sometimes we lack the background knowledge about getting a good night’s sleep – our wide-ranging Pillow Talks are here to fill the gap by making us a little smarter every day. Through daily conversations with experts from various disciplines, science journalist Sonja Kolonko reveals brand-new, and sometimes surprising, insights into the subject of sleep.

To the Pillow Talk

Awards presentation by the German Sleep Foundation

On Saturday, 23 January 2021, at 1.00 p.m. the Sleep Lounge will host the awards presentation by the German Sleep Foundation, Deutsche Stiftung Schlaf. The awards recognise campaigners for healthy sleep, such as employers who promote better sleep health in the workplace, as well as outstanding scientific findings and/or technological innovations that promote sleep. The event will be held in cooperation with the German mattress industry association (Fachverband Matratzenindustrie e.V.) and imm cologne.

Alongside this exciting event programme, the Sleep Lounge and its coffee bar offer the ideal communication platform for the industry – right at the heart of Hall 9.

Let’s talk about sleep!

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