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Sleep Lounge

Sleep Lounge imm cologne

Our industry is represented at the Interior Business Event with a large number of exhibitors, which highlights the diversity of our sector. We consider this to be an important signal and also see it as a confirmation of the “Sleep” concept that Koelnmesse and the association have established as a permanent feature of imm cologne and one that has been continuously further developed since 2005.

In the Sleep Lounge, we are turning the spotlight on sleep itself. With the slogan “The art of sleep – sleep in art”, we are seizing upon the fact that sleep has played an important role in art and for artists for many centuries. At the same time, it can also be quite an art to get really good, restful sleep – as we’d all like to do. And how it’s necessary if we’re going to perform during the day in such a way that we feel good. This isn’t possible without a suitable, high-quality mattress.

As we take a look at the art of the last 150 years, it becomes evident that this topic has occupied the minds of many artists – including such famous names as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin as well as less well-known, more recent artists.

To put across this theme to creative effect, we are transforming our Sleep Lounge into an artist’s studio and bringing these young artists on board. This is taking place as part of a project with students on an art course in the senior year at the Otto Hahn Secondary School in Dinslaken. As a result, we have succeeded in finding a way to showcase pieces by prominent artists and completely new works on our platform. It is a key aspect of this project to attract a really young audience and get them to engage creatively with the subject of sleep and mattresses. By doing so, the students will also gain an awareness of the importance of quality sleep for daily life and the role played in this by mattresses.

We are looking forward to exhibiting the students’ work in our “Sleep Lounge Studio”! We would like to provide food for thought on the art of sleep – while highlighting the fact that our industry makes a decisive contribution to this with its variety of high-quality products!

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