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Lounge - Pillow Talks - Industry meeting

Sleep Lounge

Sleep Lounge

Sleep Lounge – closing the loop in the mattress industry

A circular economy is one of the key factors in building a sustainable society. And sustainability is the only logical response to tackling climate change, resource scarcity and environmental destruction. We humans are consuming the resources available to us on Earth in a year at an ever-increasing rate. Since 1970, Earth Overshoot Day has been moving earlier and earlier in the year. For the first time, the date moved back in 2020 by almost a month to 22 August due to the reduction in mobility caused by the pandemic. However, the date jumped forward again this year to 29 July. Nevertheless, 2020 has shown that effective means for exerting a positive impact do exist.

In the economy and among consumers, there is a growing realisation that we need to change our behaviour. Reducing personal consumption is just one of many possible levers. We have to find ways to conserve Earth’s resources and minimise our impact on the environment. The circular economy – an economy based on a closed-loop cycle – can make an important contribution. But what exactly is behind this concept? What’s the difference between downcycling and recycling? When is a loop truly closed? And most importantly, what does all this mean for the mattress industry, the retail trade and for consumers? By addressing these questions and possible solutions, the Sleep Lounge 2022 aims to foster a debate about this crucial issue.

Pillow Talks in the Sleep Lounge – the talk format for a good night’s sleep

An issue that is just as important: how to get a good night’s sleep. It’s something everyone wants, but more and more people seem to have trouble finding it. Even though the topic is on trend, often we still lack the background knowledge about getting a good night’s sleep – our wide-ranging Pillow Talks are here to fill the gap by making us a little smarter every day. In daily conversations with experts from various disciplines, science journalist Sonja Kolonko will reveal brand-new, and sometimes surprising, insights into the subject of sleep.

The Sleep Lounge and Pillow Talks are hosted in collaboration with the German Mattress Industry Association ( Fachverband Matratzen-Industrie e.V .).

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