17.–23.01.2022 #immcologne

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Pure Talents Contest 2021 - The designers and their products

VOLT from Matteo Bauer-Bornemann

VOLT from Matteo Bauer

Thanks to its sophisticated hinge, VOLT defies gravity in any position.

Thanks to hinges consisting of interlocking rings, the desk lamp remains steady even when fully extended. Attached to the edge of the table by a space-saving clamp, VOLT uses points of light in a linear arrangement to provide shadowless and virtually glare-free illumination. The functional elements are striking but nevertheless reduced to the essentials. Last but not least, the mechanism generates a special appeal thanks to its tactile and acoustic qualities.

The designer

Matteo Bauer-Bornemann

Matteo Bauer-Bornemann, Germany

Hfbk Hamburg, Master


Matteo Bauer-Bornemann at Instagram

Volt in video