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Let’s be smart - Smart Village @pureArchitects

Let's be smart - Smart Village

Smart Home, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are terms we regularly deal with in the age of digitization. This is accompanied by technological developments that are intended to simplify our everyday lives and sound promising for the time being. Often, however, developments are far ahead and leave quite a few with justified questions behind. Do we really need that? Is it safe? Who really benefits?

The "Let's be smart - Smart Village" special exhibition tries to find out which interior solutions really unfold potential for individual users or society and which are more of a flash in the pan.

In four living worlds, the special exhibition shows a future-oriented, but contemporary and realistic way of dealing with the tension between new technologies and realistic added value. Each showcase from a different perspective and with a different focus.

  • Smart Loft: The Smart Loft focuses on the upmarket urban environment.
  • Smart Home: The Smart Home for the small family in the urban outskirts or in the small town.
  • Smart Residence: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is the technical term that describes what goes beyond accessibility. Support for life in old age and/or with physical limitations.
  • Tiny House: The Tiny House has nothing to do with asceticism. Maximum comfort in harmony with and close to nature.

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