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Speaker statements on the imm cologne Congress

These are the two questions we put to our speakers: Why are you appearing at the imm cologne Congress 2019? And what makes your talk so exciting?

Here are their answers:

In a rapidly changing world, standing still means taking a step backwards. The imm cologne Congress 2019 is another chance to meet up for those in the industry who want to continue to be successful tomorrow and want to move forwards. I’m looking forward to inspiration from high-profile speakers that sets new directions, our new furniture study and an exciting discussion about the future of the furniture trade.“

Dr. Kai Hudetz
Chief Executive Officer, IFH Köln

Our project 3d.cairo.de links the physical Cairo design stores with our e-commerce expertise. Combining the best of both worlds has already earned us several awards for innovation. Our central focus is inspiring online and stimulating the desire to buy.“

Gero Furchheim
Board Member, CAIRO Aktiengesellschaft Einrichtungsversand

I want to show visitors how they can significantly improve their websites with nudges. With clear, goal-oriented decision architectures, more visitors can become customers, and this knowledge can help you take your business to the next level.“

Thomas Gruhle
CEO, LEAP Digital Marketing

To help you create the optimum service for your customers from the jungle of e-payment options, I would like to outline the importance of devoting attention to this issue in your business, tell you about the pitfalls that you may encounter on this journey and start a frank discussion.“

Laura Treude
Team Lead Online Payment, Douglas

E-commerce is the norm today and no longer stops at national borders in customers’ minds – markets once cordoned off by borders are merging; customers shop globally online. For retailers and manufacturers, this is not just a potential threat, but also an opportunity to open up new markets and customer groups that seemed unreachable without the Internet – and to do so relatively easily and cost-effectively. But being internationally successful in e-commerce also means choosing the markets that are the right fit for your business and developing them. This doesn’t have to be a stumbling block. I’ll show you how in my talk and give you the tools you need to make your online store an international success.“

Dr. Matthias Schu
Author and Keynote Speaker, coop@home

Hidden champions are never to be found in the land of milk and honey. In the Tyrol mountains, Wetscher is seen as a major success story. The traditional company has held its own in the highly concentrated Austrian furniture trade for five generations now and is considered the giant among small companies. Its new concept wetscherMAX links the opportunities of the online world with the advantages of bricks-and-mortar retail.“

Martin Wetscher
CEO, Wetscher GmbH

Is Karstadt becoming a furniture store now? Not quite. But what we do want to do is bring the Karstadt target audience and the furniture industry together on our platform. As the integrated omnichannel marketplace of the future, we’ve got plenty of plans. We’re looking forward to exchanging ideas with you.“

Marco Werner
Chief Digital Officer, Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH

2020 develops software exclusively for the furniture industry - and therefore for imm's target group and their needs. We offer a portfolio of integrated products for consumers, retailers and manufacturers, which makes us internationally unique in the industry. Our know-how and experience enable us to develop solutions that are individual and yet compatible for all market participants.“

Mark Stoever
CEO, 2020

OTTO is on its way to becoming a platform. We are therefore opening our otto.de online shop to other brands and partners, and the furniture retail industry plays a decisive role in this. As the market leader in the German online furniture business, imm is very important to us, which is why we want to be a part of it and have an ongoing dialogue with our partners and customers there. I am also looking forward to an exciting exchange with different industry experts during the panel discussion.“

Dr. Michael Heller
Divisional Director Categories, OTTO

170qm on Instagram – does that interest anyone?’ What began as just an attempt quickly turned into my new career. Based on my own story, I want to show you the opportunities that influencer marketing offers businesses, present the benefits for end consumers and discuss why digital marketing is becoming more and more important for the furniture industry.“

Anne Dirfard
Interior Design Blogger & Consultant, 170qm

The German Federal Cartel Office has turned its spotlight on the furniture industry. Competition law plays a much bigger role in your everyday operations than you may think – issues range from pricing and communication to the organisation of distribution models, the relationship between franchisers and franchisees or between manufacturers and (wholesale) distributors, to contact with competitors (such as in the case of purchasing cooperations, working in associations and other forms of information-sharing). Join us for a discussion of the key facts!“

Dr. Sebastian Hack, LL.M. (King’s College London)
Counsel, osborneclarke.com