Das Haus - Hall 2.2

Das Haus

The “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” installation simulates a residential house at the international furnishing show imm cologne. Every year, a new designer is nominated and, based on their plans and design, the fair organises the erection of an approximately 200 m2 large house in the Pure Editions Hall 2.2. The furniture, colours, materials, lighting and accessories are also selected by the designer, rendering the finished house an individual configuration of interior design.

Authenticity is important

The integrated concept should not just be future-oriented, but also practical, workable and above all authentic. “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is therefore the portrait of a designer as well as a visionary concept, an example of how one can realise one’s own world to express one’s own personality. The project thereby deals not just with contemporary furnishing trends but also with people’s aspirations as well as social change.

The 2017 Haus will be a transatlantic Haus

After several European Designers, two Chinese architects and for the last show the German designer Sebastian Herkner imm cologne invited the US designer Todd Bracher as Guest of Honour to realise his ideas and imaginations for “Das Haus 2017”

Breaking living down into its elements and putting them back together

For designer Todd Bracher "Das Haus" is an opportunity to challenge the traditional notions of how one lives today. The questions it addresses are the very questions that drive him when he is developing his immensely diverse spectrum of work, ranging from product design, brand innovation to design strategies. The design event at imm cologne provides him with the perfect platform to explore without commercial limitations. "Das Haus 2017" will offer visitors to the international interiors show exciting insights into a close convergence of living and life.

"The home is an elementary synthesis of needs and functions that is very precisely directed toward supporting the people who live inside it in their daily lives and their growth," is how Bracher understands the concept of "Das Haus". The holistic project combines architecture, interiors and product design. For his "Haus", he will follow his classical approach to design rigorously: reducing complexity to its simplest elements and functions. "Why do we choose a particular lifestyle?" asks the 41-year-old and sets out his intentions: "We want to question our conception of what makes contemporary living by rethinking the principles that define the home and asking ourselves if they meet the requirements of the world today."

Das Haus 2017