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Analogue virtuality:Perspectives to Zeitgeist, Lifestyle Trends of Architecture, Space, Home, Interior and Human

16:15 - 17:00
Technik, Technologie, Virtuelle Realität, Erweiterte Realität
Koelnmesse GmbH
Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln

Here, the event will take place:
The Stage: Hall 3.1, Booth A 040/ B 040


We live in the present and future simultaneously, in an analogue and digital world known as 4.0. This is rapidly evolving into a virtual world 5.0, in which it is difficult to distinguish the real from the virtual. This is leading to a new identity and individuality that is characterised by a longing for real life.

As a result, four perspectives are emerging that are affecting our lifestyles and the products with which we want to surround ourselves.
The search for peace: because we can be contacted around the clock and we are unsettled by the speed of digital developments and changes.
The search for value: the development of artificial intelligence cannot be halted. What is crucial is that it will be used not against, but for people as a top priority.
The search for origins means that our focus on our regional traditions and values is increasing in line with the speed at which we are confronted with a virtual world and the use of robots.
The search for support: we want to feel the ground beneath our feet again and feel safe. Multiculturalism means we are developing common patterns of social behaviour that are applicable to all.