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Das Haus 2018: A Poetic Study of Light

10:45 - 11:15
10:45 - 11:15
Licht, Haus, Glas
Koelnmesse GmbH
Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln

Here, the event will take place:
The Stage: Hall 3.1, Booth A 040/ B 040


Her selection as the guest of honour for the design event "Das Haus" gives Lucie Koldova, a designer from the Czech Republic, a unique opportunity to realise the full potential of a structure's interior design through the use of artificial or artistically arranged light. In her lecture, Lucie Koldova speaks about her design approach and the impact of light.

"In my ‘Haus', light will play the main role, and the furniture will complete the rooms - and not the other way around!", says Lucie Koldova, summing up the new characteristics of "Das Haus" in a nutshell. Das Haus 2018 will be shaped less by walls than by lighting cells in which light, appearing in various forms and controlled in different ways, will not only mark out the space, but also support its function and a specific sentiment.