Pure Atmospheres – Halls 10.1, 11.1, 11.2, 11.3


The design format with the longest standing at imm cologne. Halls 10.1 and 11 form the main platform for the big, stylistically influential design brands – with plenty of scope for creating worlds of their own. Pure brings together pioneering innovations, original product displays and international lifestyles over three levels and in the good company of like-minded exhibitors.

Pure is synonymous with the fascinating design worlds of leading major brands in this exclusive segment of the furnishing sector. Its importance is correspondingly reflected by the increasing space allocated to Pure over the years, which now includes Halls 11 and 10.1. This is where the design world comes together. Time-honoured traditions have developed and the members return to their usual spots each year, rarely moving stands; visitors negotiate the maze of aisles with instinctive certainty and call on “their” exhibitors as if dropping in on old friends. And yet, a walk through these halls is always a new and exciting experience.

Any company that presents itself at Pure reinvents itself (almost as if by habit) time and time again – by branching out in different directions, creating an original atmosphere or showing new products, designers, fabrics or interior concepts. The firms invariably take an unusual approach in the sense that they shake up old ways of looking at things, tried and tested usage possibilities, ingrained interior design concepts or established production methods. New product developments mostly bow to the primacy of creative principles. This devotion to design and the urge to innovate are what unite these exhibitors.

Unusual, but liveable

Pure is characterised by a wide variety of product lines and styles. The fact that the manufacturers positioned within this segment still manage to find their audience (or vice versa) is due to their reputation. The exhibitors here are known for their unusual but liveable ideas, for products that are inspired by design but produced in high-end quality, and above all for their authentic design – for behind every new product is not just a designer but the hand of its manufacturer as well.

Pure is the format for design quality. Here, the brands stand for themselves – for their design, their philosophy, the quality of their manufacturing, their own style. And they are totally unrestricted by national preferences or style, Pure is so international as the world of design itself. Each stand its own world.