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Spotlight is the new format for journalists. Concise, expert, media-friendly, configured 1:1. Spotlight will bring you news and trends from the furnishing sector. This service is offered exclusively to subscribers of our previous Trend Letter and will be delivered in shorter intervals. From October, you will receive a weekly news round-up on everything that is happening or trending in interior design, plus the most important trade fair highlights and trends. In the second Spotlight of the week, you will find news from the contract business and the economy.

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immspotlight #03-2018
The first furniture innovations of the year at imm cologne 2018

immspotlight #02-2018
The interior design trends of the year at imm cologne 2018

immspotlight #01-2018
Pure Talents Contest 2018

immspotlight #16-2017
Furnishing Cologne (Part 03) - The perfect home

immspotlight #15-2017
Interior Design made in Germany: Solid (clear), multicultural & astonishingly agile

immspotlight #14-2017
Furnishing Cologne (Part 02) - Boho is the new ethnic

immspotlight #13-2017
Furnishing Cologne (Part 01) - The marble bathroom

immspotlight #12-2017
Urban living: Flexible furnishings and micro-living in the comfort zone 2.0

immspotlight #11-2017
A tour of "Das Haus 2018" with Lucie Koldova

immspotlight #10-2017
“In lighting, the trend is going both ways: digital and analogue.” – an interview with Dick Spierenburg

immspotlight #09-2017
The new minimalism in home living

immspotlight #08-2017
Innovative lighting transforms the bathroom into a functional and inviting space

immspotlight #07-2017
Building and decorating spaces with light

immspotlight #06-2017
Future materials for architecture and design – hidden in nature

immspotlight #05-2017
Lucie Koldova announced as new “Das Haus” designer

immspotlight #04-2017
Light installation: “Time Drifts Cologne II” by Philipp Geist

immspotlight #03-2017
The trends of imm cologne 2017

immspotlight #02-2017
Home textiles bring the trend colours of the new season into the living room

immspotlight #01-2017
imm cologne 2017: the first new products

immspotlight #27-2016
Home away from home: imm cologne 2017 presents design trends for hotels

immspotlight #26-2016
Create moods using light: from decorative to industrial

immspotlight #25-2016
Colour spaces for the mixing of attitudes toward life

immspotlight #24-2016
Fantastic looks, tempting aromas and great sounds: Contemporary kitchens at LivingKitchen 2017

immspotlight #23-2016
We show what today and tomorrow will look like” – an interview with Dick Spierenburg

immspotlight #22-2016
Carpets and rugs, wallpapers, textiles – the revival of fabrics in the living area

immspotlight #21-2016
Design meets fashion: Furniture and fashion

immspotlight #20-2016
Variety of colours and materials in the kitchen: the new trend for individualised design

immspotlight #19-2016
Online furniture retailing – success on multiple channels?

immspotlight #18-2016
Pure Textile: Textile trends in green

immspotlight #17-2016
Furniture market benefits from new interest in beautiful living

immspotlight #16-2016
“Furnishing Cologne”: The new interiors season begins with imm cologne and the on-trend colour: red

immspotlight #15-2016
Freedom of form: design in all areas of the home

immspotlight #14-2016
Multifaceted potential: smart materials in interior design

immspotlight #13-2016
Young, innovative, different: the new female designers

immspotlight #12-2016
Decorative objects of desire

immspotlight #11-2016
Restaurant design with a rough and rugged charm

immspotlight #10-2016
Das Haus 2017: On the search for new forms of open living

immspotlight #09-2016
Entertaining experience: design for pop-up-stores

immspotlight #08-2016
Where work life and home life sit down together

immspotlight #07-2016
Final call for designers of tomorrow

immspotlight #06-2016
Mid-century hotel design makes a stylish comeback

immspotlight #05-2016
In-demand design

immspotlight #04-2016
Consumer trend: Price does not define luxury

immspotlight #03-2016
Lighting systems: (O)LEDs are on a track

immspotlight #02-2016
Todd Bracher to create "DAS HAUS" at imm cologne 2017

immspotlight #01-2016
New news formats: Discover interior ideas