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JULE: sliding doors combined with visual effects

14.01.18, 08:00h

PAIDI builds on the successful conception of sliding door

In the last year the manufacturer of children's and youth furniture PAIDI has launched innovative sliding door wardrobes. By creating the new furniture model JULE the traditional company banks on the success of sliding door wardrobes in children's rooms and surprises with visual effects. The harmonious colour combination of chalk white and oak-Sherwood imitation and also the soft recessed grips makes JULE a modern furniture model.

"JULE combines all aspects expecting of a PAIDI model equipped with sliding doors: safety, innovation and space saving storage solutions", so PAIDI managing director Udo Groene. "With JULE we take a step forward and furnished its chest of drawers also with a sliding door - an optimal solution for tiny rooms."

Safety first with visual surprise
The two sliding doors are not only technical highlights of the new furniture model, but they are also means for creating a new look over and over again.
"Especially by moving the wardrobe doors a surprising detail will be showed. At first there are two drawers in oak-Sherwood imitation, but after opening the left door two chalk white drawers are uncovered", explains Bruno Agostino, PAIDI product designer. "That's a nice visual play."

Also with the other items of furniture as shelves with six, nine or ten compartments or the wall shelf you can always create a new look in the room thanks to different positions of the sliding doors.

"By designing the six compartment shelf we refer to the topic of space-saving solutions: it has the height of a jamb wall and can be placed under the slant of a roof", adds Groene.

Concerning the safety aspects, JULE is equipped with all features: Thanks to the "original PAIDI slide system" combined with the soft close system the doors slow down and close softly. The two embedded high quality aluminium runners ensure an excellent running and prevents hands from injuring. Brushes on both wardrobe doors keep little fingers from catching - and are also a good dust cover.

The soft close system of the drawers help them slowing down for children's hands.

Handleless by integrated recessed grips
"The soft recessed grips in the fronts of wardrobe doors and drawers fit well in your hands but are also beautiful to look. They are filled with the respective contrasting colour and so they are wonderful visual effects", explains Agostino.

Photos will be available from April 2018

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