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DIEGO: well-shaped design in white and grey

14.01.18, 08:00h

PAIDI launches children's desks DIEGO, DIEGO GT and chair SINO

School time begins and thus the time for doing homework. At the beginning pupils will spend 30 minutes, later more than 2 hours at their desk.
So it is even more important that this place at home is well arranged. The requirement for a children's desk have changed the last years. Functions and a long, useful life are still in the focus but the design demands are rising steadily.
The manufacturer of children's and youth furniture PAIDI takes account of this development by launching its new desk DIEGO in chalk white with details in trendy grey.
The new children's chair SINO rounds the optimal learning place off.

Recent psychological studies show the necessity that kids love their desk for increasing their motivation. That's why experts recommend not only involving the offspring in the process of purchase but also give it free reign for decoration and arranging: a clean desk or sorted chaos, it is important to support the learning type of the child. And MP3 Player, smart phones and tablet pc should also be allowed on the desk because little breaks are very welcome during concentrated work.

Well-shaped design and plenty of functions
"Nowadays parents purchase a desk not only considering the topics of timelessness, stability and ergonomics, but also having regard to design", knows Roland Mayer, PAIDI export manager and product manager Schoolworld.

DIEGOs well-shaped desk plate with rounded corners in trendy chalk white match perfectly with its white frame. The pebble grey edges are a soft but interesting contrast. "Further contrasting accents in grey are to be found down to the finest details as e.g. the labelling of the ruler at the table's edge that stop little things from falling down", so PAIDI Product designer Bruno Agostino.

The grey end caps of the feet that fit in the flowing form of the frame, the grey edge protectors of the integrated storage tray and also the grey handle of the traditional PAIDI crank emphasise the modern design.

DIEGO is available in the widths of 105, 120 and 140 cm and is so suitable for all children's rooms sizes. Furthermore PAIDI launches also DIEGO GT, a desk with a split tabletop (width of 130 cm).

"Two thirds of the plate are continuously tiltable up to 19°, 37,5 cm are fixed", explains Agostino. "This surface is an optimal storage area for e.g. a notebook computer, tablet-pc, book holder, exercise books or also bottles and drinking glasses", adds Mayer.
Left- or right-hander? No problem, the fixed plate can be assembled to the right or left side of the table.
Safety is the highest priority of the company PAIDI: the little white strip brush between the two parts prevents fingers from getting caught in and utensils like pencils, erasers and so on from falling off.

The product range of DIEGO and DIEGO GT includes also optional extras: e.g. a desk drawer (empty or filled with Faber-Castell products) or also a drawer unit that scores with its trapezoidal openings in the drawers fronts and its colourful seat cushions. An optional cable channel prevents a cable tangle.

Please take a seat
Beside an adjustable desk an ergonomic chair is also needed. Thanks to its white frame and the white-grey castors, the chair SINO is a perfect match to DIEGO. It is available in five trendy designs and colours: "The printed back rest with geometric patterns, dots or space motif will especially please children, but also parents because the print topics are nevertheless timeless", illustrates Mayer. The combination of SINO are x-grey/grey, x-mint green/black, dots-white/grey, dots-blackberry/blackberry and space/black.

SINO can be adapted to the child's size and can so be used for years. Other features are a continuous height adjustment thanks to a special gas pressure spring geared to children and an adjustment of the back rest by means of a push-button-system for an optimal relation of seat height, depth and back rest.
The handle at the back of SINO permits pulling and pushing it if necessary.

Photos available from April 2018

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