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Relax Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

Tradition meets Innovation
Sleep naturally. Live better.
When tradition meets innovation, great things may emerge. RELAX, a Salzburg company of long-standing tradition, depicts a perfect example.
In the late 80’s, RELAX originated from a joinery with an appreciative approach towards the natural resource and building material that is wood. Once the first RELAX bed system was introduced to the market in 1990, the initial affinity evolved into genuine passion – passion for wood, passion for a natural product, that comes with no strings attached. Circa 130.000 RELAX bed systems have since been delivered to nature- and health-conscious customers all over Europe. Even in Japan, the Austrian innovative product is widely applauded.
Today, the company’s modern premises cover an area of 8000m², where high quality and natural products that ensure healthy sleep sustainably are crafted. Aside from the bestselling product – the RELAX 2000 bed system – the product line consists of 100% metal-free, solid wood beds, matrasses made of 100% natural latex, mattress toppers, duvets and ergonomically designed pillows. All the above is distributed in a sales network consisting of 900 specialized European retailers. The mattress toppers, duvets and pillowcases are produced in a sewing factory that was designed and built in recent years in Schalchen near Mattighofen (Upperaustria).

Sleep naturally. Live better.
“Sustainably healthy sleep gains importance”, as company founder KommR Herbert Sigl knows from years of working experience. “Understanding that keeping natural and preferably untreated material in the sleeping area is the essence of relaxing and healthy sleep, was crucial to the development of the natural RELAX bed system. The factor nature still is focused on when it comes to each product development process and every item of our fabrication. For ultimately, sleeping naturally means living better!”

Swiss pine furniture is of longstanding tradition
For centuries, farmers and carpenters have been wise to the positive effect of Swiss pine wood on the human body. This prove centuries old Swiss pine wood offices in farmers houses and taverns. Today, the Swiss pine celebrates a comeback, mostly integrated in the sleeping area, and is more popular than ever.
The Swiss pine, also lovingly referred to as “the queen of the alps” can be found in the Central Alps of Tyrol. She grows under extreme climate conditions in about 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level, reaching an age of up to 1000 years. Extraordinarily, the Swiss pine shows resistance to frost at up to minus 50° Celsius and other unfavourable conditions. Swiss pine wood contains essential oils that support the regain of strength and vitality. The Swiss pine has a calming effect on the human organism, which increases the quality of sleep. Additionally, Swiss pine wood is said to have a positive influence on sensitivity to weather changes. Its antibacterial effect and natural protection against clothes moths and house dust mites is prominent.

RELAX natural living has been producing metal-free solid wood beds and bed systems of Swiss pine wood for many years, even long before the current Swiss pine trend appeared. Mattress toppers, duvets and pillows filled with sheep shearing wool flakes as well as Swiss pine flakes now complete RELAX’s wide-ranging Swiss pine product line.
Nature makes a difference
The results of a consumer survey confirm that lying comfort, form stability, breathability and adaptability are considered some of the most valued features of a mattress. A mattress made of natural latex fulfils these criteria. However, the certification of a mattress as made of 100% natural latex is ever increasingly more relevant to the buying decision. Nature simply makes a difference.
Someone placing utter importance on a natural sleeping environment, who wants to add a natural latex mattress to it, should look out for the quality seal of QUL - the quality association for environmentally-agreeable latex mattresses. For only QUL-certified natural latex matrasses are 100% natural.
Naturally, RELAX’s natural latex mattresses meet the strict requirements of the QUL and carry their quality seal for 100% natural latex mattresses.
“Nature makes a difference.”: This applies to all the innovative company’s products. The company’s focus rests on sustainability, whether it be in the production of raw materials, during the process or in the distribution to the trade partner or the customer.

Innovation meets future
If great things may emerge from the fusion of tradition and innovation, what happens when innovation meets future? A sustainable, successful family business with growth potential, that treats nature as a model as well as a partner. That is why it will also hold true in the future: RELAX natural living. Sleep naturally. Live better.