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Hall 3.1

Pure Talents

International, up-and-coming young designers present their ideas and prototypes in the fields of product design, interior design and architecture in the forum for experimental design in Hall 3.1.

Their work is given an overall frame with presentations by universities and the Pure Talents Contest, organised by imm cologne. The prize presentations for this international competition for young design talent have been one of the fair’s highlights for many years. Previously known as the D3 Contest, the competition has been rebranded as the Pure Talents Contest to underscore its place within the Pure segment.

Pure Talents is the foundation and key platform for imm cologne’s work in the promotion of the next generation of international designers.

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This is where it all starts: ideas, designs and concepts by young designers reveal surprising new perspectives and approaches.

Pure Talents depicts this starting point in the development of design and designers – openly, but still on a pre-selected basis and a manageable scale. The presentations by the young winners of the Pure Talents Contest are renowned for their visionary and unconventional often even provocative designs and prototypes. Another successfully established event at Pure Talents is the universities’ self-designed presentation of their work and concepts.

Highlight for up-and-coming designers

Pure Talents is a non-commercial trade-fair format, which promotes up-and-coming designers. With its line-up of young designers, design teams, universities and national groups, it represents a virtually unique range of the international creative scene, in terms of breadth and quality. The exhibition is a highlight for those searching for the unusual and not-quite-polished among imm cologne’s enormous range of market-orientated and high-end products. Prototypes, the experimental and the unconventional are presented in a top-quality exhibition.

In a lively, relaxed atmosphere universities can display freely and introduce their spectacular installations and innovative projects. The award presentation of the international up-and-coming designer contest – the Pure Talents Contest – has long been a successful format and constitutes its own exhibition area where young designers present their work themselves.

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