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Prime re-interprets classic, family-oriented home furnishings with comfortably modern, stylish aesthetics and consistently high quality for all categories of tables, chairs, cabinets and beds.

The Prime segment is home to classic furniture that creates a sense of familiarity and which the owner will have for a lifetime. Wood – the preferred material in this segment – represents warmth, stability and sustainability, while technical perfection and multi-functionality denote a modern lifestyle.

Above all, Prime showcases proven concepts and high-end quality. Here, practical and ecological principles are seamlessly combined with a style-conscious way of life. Elegant and traditional conventions of form, clear structures and understated Scandinavian-style design embody harmonious aesthetics in furniture for all areas of the interior: modern living room and bedroom furniture, period and reproduction furniture, children's furniture, tables, chairs, dining rooms and solid wood furniture.

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Eva Rübhausen
Sales Manager
Tel. +49 221 821-3583
Fax +49 221 821-3280
Comfort, Prime
Halls 5.1, 6, 10.1, 10.2
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Chin Ying Sung-Heitz
Sales Manager
Tel. +49 221 821-2512
Global Lifestyles, Prime
Halls 2.1, 3.1, 5.1
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