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Hall 3.1

Das Haus

The “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” installation is a simulated residential house at the international interiors show imm cologne.

The trade fair erects a house measuring approximately 180 m² in the middle of the Pure Editions area (Hall 3.1) for this. Each year, the architecture, room structures, furnishings, materials, colours and light installations are all taken from the imagination of a newly nominated designer/design team/architect. It is a complete artistic concept, available for a limited time, which allows a creative’s personal vision of an ideal residential situation to become reality. It is open to every visitor to imm cologne and can be entered, tested out, photographed, experienced and discussed.

At imm cologne 2019 “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is set to enter round eight.

This time, the Australian designer couple Truly Truly will present an elegant, airy design, which seeks new approaches to an open domestic culture. With their sensual use of details – the textures, textiles, colours – and the ambiguity of the assignment of room functions and the design of furniture (somewhere between function and art, between private and public), Kate and Joel Booy are sure to give trade fair visitors a thrilling experience

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